To non-Japanese

Hello and thank you for your visit.
My name is Yasuhiko Takahashi, Immigration Lawyer and Labor Consultant working in Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie).
(Note: They are the national qualifications.)

As Immigration Lawyer

Our services cover the procedure at Immigration Bureau and consultation concerning Japanese administration for the sake of non-Japanese who live and work in Japan.
It might be helpful that you consult our office when you are in trouble due to the following situations.

When you don’t know
1. How to apply for visa
2. Japanese language
When you do not have any time to go to the Immigration Bureau
When you don’t know the Japanese law
When you’re annoyed with the application

Our office is approved as an Immigration Lawyer by Immigration Bureau and we can proceed immigration matters on behalf of non-Japanese living in Japan.

It is the rule that those who need to have any visa must present oneself to Immigration Bureau, however, we can manage it on behalf of you on your request. You need not go to Immigration Bureau and you can concentrate on your work without taking a day off. Also our office can gather necessary documents in order to apply for the visa. Therefore you need not waste your precious time.

Kinds of VISA application

When you want to extend your visa ⇒
Application for Extension of Period of Stay

When an international student gets a job in Japan ⇒
Application for Change of Status of Residence

When you’ve had a baby ⇒
Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence

When you want to call the non-Japanese to Japan ⇒
Application for Certificate of Eligibility

When an international student wants to do part-time job ⇒
Application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

When you want to live in Japan for life ⇒
Application for Permanent Residence

《Other Cases》
When you want to establish a company.
When you want to open a restaurant.
When you marry or divorce a Japanese.
When you job-hunt after graduation.
When you or your friends have some visa related problems.
And stuff like that.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need our assistance.

As Labor Consultant (called “Sharoushi” in Japan)

labor management in company
recruitment and retirement procedure keeping
enrollment in Labor and Social Insurance
Labor Insurance: Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance(rosai hoken), Employment Insurance(koyo hoken)
Social Insurance: Health Insurance, Pension Insurance
establishment of working regulations
pension counseling

~What is a “Sharoushi” (Labor and Social Security Attorney)?~

If you have any difficulties, please consult us.

We can help you with your life and business.

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